“Choosy Chelsea”

3 weeks ago (almost to the day), I began yet another attempt at taking over my body. I, like so many others, even by only the age of 21 have tried so many different lifestyles. None of them seemed to stick, and with each up and down of the yo-yo the weight seemed to add on more and more.

With so much coming up in life for me, I wasn’t about to let this continue. After multiple difficult conversations, I decided to give the newest attempt a try: Medifast.

I had no desire to blog about it or even tell people about it at first because, to be honest, it can be embarrassing to purchase a diet-system, especially at such a young age while in college.

However, after 20 pounds in 3 weeks, I’m convinced that this attempt might just stick.

And thus, “Choosy Chelsea” was born. I am barely starting my journey, but I am slowly on track to becoming a choosier, healthier person. Choosier not just about food, but about how I treat myself, how I let others treat me, and most importantly choosier about what I believe about myself.

Plus, let’s all be honest – if I begin blogging about all of this, there will be some added incentive and even pressure to make it stick. It’s just how these things work!

3 weeks and 20 pounds is long enough to introduce change and see if it will begin to stick. Not long enough to call it a success quite yet, but when I’ve had that much success in 3 months before, I’m more convinced and dedicated than many times before.

My goal behind Choosy Chelsea – a sister to Cheesy Chelsea’s This Is Us – is not to make it a typical diet log. I won’t be adding blogs about every single up and down and all of that.

I simply want to compile recipes for myself and others to have easy access, and I hope to blog about important topics that are related to dieting but so much bigger. How does body image come into play? Does a serious relationship impact any of it? What about the motivation behind abusing food, or anything really?

I don’t know what shape this will take, but I’m happy to have anyone along for the journey who would like to join me!

My other blog is called “This Is Us,” and in the same tone: This is me and my journey to a choosier me.


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