Product Spotlight: PB2

I have found some products particularly helpful on this journey and make it a lot more bearable. These items elevate the meals and give some creative license while still falling within the allocated amounts of the Medifast 5&1 plan!

My first product spotlight is by far my favorite so far. I have been able to bring life to multiple meals with just the addition of it.

If you love peanut butter and are on the Medifast program, then PB2 is for you! Though I also enjoy the Peanut Butter Crunch bars and the Peanut Butter soft-serve (which I use as a smoothie actually – future post to come!), you won’t feel like you got your fill of peanut butter with just those.

That’s where PB2 comes in. Pb2 is a powdered peanut butter – I found it at Safeway in the peanut butter section for $5 on sale, $6 regularly. However, if you search for a store locator online, multiple stores carry it. (From grocery stores to vitamin-supplement stores like GNC to even online retailers.) For the amount that it has enhanced my meals, the slightly higher than preferred price tag is worth it for me. Plus, if you use small portions at at time, the jar can go pretty far.

It contains 85% less fat than traditional peanut butter – meaning that you still need to be cautious about how much you use and what else you eat that day, but at the same time is much better as an optional healthy fat.

On it’s own, it is definitely lacking and not as smooth or flavorful as regular peanut butter. As an addition to the meals though, it adds a lot of flavor. The recommended serving size is 2 tbsp PB2 powder to 1 tbsp water – though for how I use it, I never use the full serving. (I tend to half the serving in most cases unless following a specific Medifast hack recipe.)

My favorite use for it is with the brownie soft bake. (Product information here.) The brownie by itself is decent, and much better than most of the items by themselves. However, I would not join the group that raves about it. I have figured out two ways to make the brownie better, though.

First, prepare the brownie mixture as instructed. Before putting it in the microwave, add half of a serving of PB2 (premixed with water to resemble a crumbly paste) to the middle and slighty swirl it in. Then, microwave as instructed. This results in a peanut butter swirl in the brownie. (The full serving of PB2 tastes great with the brownie as well, but I have found that I tend to self-sabotage without knowing it when I do that.)

Secondly, after I bake the peanut-butter brownie in the oven, I put it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. I don’t know what it is, but I prefer the brownie cold. It seems to firm up a bit and even get a tad chewy with the PB2. However, this step is not necessary for the PB2 to enhance the brownie.

Another use that I have found helpful is adding it to shakes. The vanilla and chocolate shakes are both decent on their own, and on the go they’re great for a quick fix. But if you’re at home and looking to add to the flavor of the shakes, a scoop (tbsp) of the powdered PB2 helps them a lot. There’s no need to premix it in this case – the PB2 will mix fine with the recommended 6-8 oz of water for the shakes. If anything, it will thicken it a bit (which I prefer).

There are also recipes for fudge bites, peanut butter cups, and more that I highly recommend looking up as well. So far, most of the PB2 recipes I have found tend to turn out relatively well. (I’ve posted many of them on my Pinterest if that’s helpful, and I plan on posting many of them on Choosy Chelsea as well!)

I would like to leave a warning here though: It is tempting to add PB2 to most of your chocolate flavored items if you’re like me and love peanut butter. However, space out how often you use it! Use it almost like a treat, and watch how much of it you have. It’s really easier to have too many fats in one day if you have too much PB2 with your meals and also cook with any kind of oil for your lean and green. Think through what you’re eating/have eaten that day. If that’s difficult for you, only use PB2 in your last meal, and only if you have not used your allotted healthy fats.

Overall, this is the best product I’ve come across, but you have to watch how often you use it. I tell myself to use it as a “cheat” without actually cheating, and that mentality has worked so far!

Go (moderately) nuts!

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