Why Medifast?

I was debating what to write as my first real “thoughts” post, and I figured this would be more relevant than most other topics I could jump into.

So, why Medifast? There are so many systems out there, and honestly most of them seem more widely known and widely advertised. Why this system?

That question took quite a bit of convincing for me. A big factor that helped me out was that I have a fair amount of family members who have done the program before. Just to list a few that I have heard first-hand from:

  • My dad lost about 30 pounds in 3 months.
  • My aunt lost over 25 pounds in less 2 months.
  • My two cousins each lost between 30 and 40 pounds in a matter of months and have kept it off.
  • My other cousin actually sold the product for a while and lost all of her body weight in well less than a year.

And the list goes on and on.

So, I missed the first real wave of my family being on the system, for a few reasons. For one, the job I work actually pays for my room and board – so I work a fair amount of the time for my food! Why would I want to purchase food when I work for it? Doesn’t that defeat the point?

Secondly, I didn’t want to feel like I was competing with my family. For some people, competition and weight loss go hand in hand and create a huge motivation. For me, it quickly becomes discouraging. I prefer to keep it much more private than it would have been at that time.

However, the success stories that most people in my family had (which resulted in me by-far being the overweight one of that side of the family), I began to wonder about it.

One thing that I thought was a road-block before starting was the fact that I am a student. For one, the program is expensive, and I live on a college-student budget. How could I afford it? Also, as a student, my schedule is all over the place. How could I have a meal-system that restricts you to a schedule??

The fact that it is expensive was somewhat remedied by my parents (which I know sounds terrible and makes me sound like an entitled millennial – but hear me out). Because I am getting married in a little under 7 months (when I ordered started it, it was a little over 7), they are approaching it as a “pre-wedding gift.” So, if I stick with the program, they are willing to continue purchasing the meals monthly as a wedding gift.

That does admittedly come with some drawbacks – I still purchase the lean and greens, and my fiance and I most likely will be more responsible for some of my wedding fees. Check out my sister blog, Cheesy Chelsea, to see how we’ve been handling that! (Specifically, the article Wedding&Wine: The B-Word (Budgeting) is pertinent to that topic.)

However, think about it for a minute: How many times, as a college student, do we go out and buy a latte or mocha? How many times do we order pizza without blinking an eye? How many times do we buy crappy study snacks and impulse buy alcohol at the grocery store? The amount of money I put toward my lean and green essentially covers that.

The schedule thing was at first a real concern for me. However, I was actually really wrong to be concerned. There are some days that I am in class and lab for 6, 7, or even 8 hours straight. Having food with you that is small and simple is actually amazing!

  • In the morning for the 8ams that are brutal, the hot cocoa or cappuccino mixed with a cup of coffee or hot water are perfect and discreet.
  • Shakes are easy to drink and not distracting at all in class.
  • The bars are small enough that you can step out of lab, eat it as you walk slowly to the bathroom, and take a small break as someone keeps an eye on your project.
  • It makes studying in the library amazing because you don’t have to leave for meals or get distracted by getting hungry.
  • If you have access to a microwave and water (possibly in a lounge or something), you can make most of the items.

So, though I was concerned, the easier to-go items make life as a busy college student so much easier. A thing that I should note is that I am a college student living in an apartment. I have done the dorm life for 3 years and am not sure that I could have pulled this off – the dining hall is not always lean&green friendly, especially when it comes to mixing it up.

If you’re in the dorms and interested in the program, it’s for sure better than most other programs. My only concern for you would be the lean and green and keeping some of the meals creative so you don’t burn out. See if you can do meal prep in a friend’s apartment or on-campus approved kitchen. Then store your meals in a mini fridge in your room. If you’re in an apartment or house though and have access to a kitchen, it’s easier than you think. The meals don’t have to take long to cook at all, and you can prep them ahead of your busy week or midterms or papers. (Plus, it tastes better and teaches you cooking skills you won’t have by going to the dining hall.)

So, the big issue of having to compete with family was not longer an issue, and I saw that it worked from their experiences. The issue of finances was gracious covered by my parents, and it worked out better than I thought with a busy schedule.

I’ve addressed my “why nots” and how I beat them, but what about my whys??

2017 is a large year for me – though I purposefully didn’t start this as a new year’s resolution (I started on random Thursday well into January). I will be graduating in June, and I will be getting married in August. That will come up a lot quicker than it feels like, and I want to feel good. I want to look back at those forever pictures and see the smiles and people, not the way my face is filled out or my love-handles are bigger than my upper half.

So, I want to feel better about myself in a confident way, and in a physical way. Some curvy plus-sized women are in great physical shape and can do a lot with their bodies, and I applaud them. I wish I was one of them, but I’m not. I’m not an “in-shape plus-size,” I’m a “fat plus-size” gal, and I know it. So, it really is more of a health, energy, personal circumstantial motivation for me than anything.

It’s time for me to grow up. If I am wanting to do grown-up things like graduate, get a job, get married, ultimately start a new phase in life, I need to shape up. I need to become a choosier person. Enough of the childish binging and blaming everything else – time to be a choosier person and change my relationship with food.

There’s plenty of other smaller “whys” and “why nots” that compete, and I can address those more as this blog goes on. For now though, that’s my thoughts on ultimately starting the program and making that leap!

Here’s to growing up!


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