Lean+Green – Spicy Mustard Chicken

In all honesty, lean and greens are my favorite meals to try to figure out and make better. I feel like you can only do so much with the meals that Medifast provides  – even though there are some great hacks for them! (See my other recipes!)

My favorite meat to work with for the lean and green meals is chicken. It’s a relatively mild meat, counts as a “leaner,” is filling, and is not as expensive as some others. So, that most likely will be the focus of a lot of my lean+green posts.

This is actually a “recipe” that I threw together tonight! I hesitate to call it a full recipe because, in all honesty, my amounts and times might be a little off.

So, pay most attention to the list of ingredients, and tweak it as you will!

Medifast Lean+Green: Spicy Mustard Chicken


  1. 1 approx 9 oz. chicken breast – dethawed* (Approximately 9 oz cooks up to 6 oz of cooked chicken) – Leaner

2. Next, pick and choose your condiments (you can have up to 3 per day):

  • Spicy Mustard, 1 tsp – 1 condiment OR Yellow mustard, 1 tbsp – 1 condiment (Depends on the type of mustard you prefer)
  • Hot sauce, 2 tbsp – 1 condiment
  • Soy sauce – 1 tbsp
  • Worchestershire sauce, 1/2 tsp – 1 condiment
  • Garlic powder, 1/2 tsp – 1 condiment
  • ….or any other condiment, just make sure you only have up to 3. See the list here for condiment suggestions and serving sizes. I’ve also set this as my featured image for ease of use for you!

3. Finally, pick your vegetables. I chose 2 serving of green beans and 1 serving of broccoli, but you can realistically pick any that you prefer. (I chose those based on the fact that they would pair well with the flavors and cook well together.)

*Note: I happen to be a bit lazy and microwave my chicken to dethaw it – otherwise I would constantly have dethawing chicken in my fridge. I microwave it for 2 minutes total at most, flipping half way through. The goal is just to be able to cut it – it still needs to be cooked. (The edges may start to cook – that’s okay, it will all taste fine.)


1. Cube dethawed chicken and place into quart sized. (Size will affect cook time.)

2. Put 3 condiments into bag with chicken and toss until chicken is fully coated. (I picked spicy mustard, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce.)

3. While chicken sits in bag with condiments, clean and chop vegetables – if you plan on cooking these with the chicken.

4. Set the burner on your stove to medium and in a pan that will easily fit all of your chicken and veggies (depends upon your choices), place the chicken with the condiments. Let begin cooking.

5. Because the time will be dependent upon the size of the chicken cubes and veggies chosen, I will not include a generic time. However,  here is what I did:

  • The total cook time was about 12 -15 minutes for the chicken in small cubes, and I added the green beans and broccoli about half way through.
  • Before the veggies were added, I left the pan on without a lid and moved chicken around regularly so that the mustard did not burn to the pan.
  • Once the veggies were add, I made sure that all visible chicken tops were cooked (meaning that the uncooked parts would be mostly in the pan).
  • I sprinkled about a tbsp of water along the edges of the pan (NOT on the food) and put the lid over the pan to semi-steam vegetables and keep chicken moist.
  • I removed the lid about once a minute to make sure chicken and veggies did not burn.

6. Once the chicken and veggies appear to be cooked, cut into the 3 largest pieces of chicken – if those are cooked, then your meal is ready!

Essentially, this is an easy 1-pan recipe that is incredibly dependent upon your choices. Different sized chicken will take different times to cook through, and different veggie combinations will cook up differently.

This can also be tweaked with any condiments and almost any veggies – it really just depends on the flavor profile that you are looking for!

Happy cooking!


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