“Meal Hack” – Medifast Soft Serve Shakes

This “hack” is *almost* not worthy of a post, but I’ve benefitted so much from this tip that I had to include it.

Plus, it makes building my recipe page even easier! So why not post it – if it helps someone else, then it’s worth it!

I bought 3 of the soft serve boxes to begin with and had really no luck with any of the flavors. I tried changing the amount of ice, how I crushed the ice, how much water, putting it all in the freezer. It just wasn’t turning out how I would want it to. The frozen versions were too icey, the non-frozen versions wouldn’t set.

I’m sure that there are ways to prepare it that make it turn out wonderful, but I’ve essentially given up trying after finding this hack. It is quicker, easier, and still tastes great!

Essentially, you need two ingredients:

  1. Soft Serve packet – flavor of your choice (I love the coffee prepared this way.)
  2. 6-8 oz of water (Because the soft serve prepares thicker, 8 oz is fine!)

Then, you prepare the two like you would any shake! This can be via blender bottle, mixing in a blender, or any other way! Essentially, you’ll end up with a thicker version of the traditional shake in more fun flavors than they offer.

It extends your shake options and makes more meal-options more easily portable! (My personal favorite is the coffee soft serve prepared this way. Product information here.)

Happy munching sipping!


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