“Meal Hacks” – Breading on Medifast

Breading enhances many recipes – from helping to form better meatballs, to coating chicken and fish, to adding some crunch to roasted veggies, it all enhances flavor.

However, panko bread crumbs, or really any normal bread crumbs, are just not allowed on the system – just like plain bread isn’t. How do you go about recipes with breading then?

My go-to for this solution has been the savory snacks – the parmesan cheese puffs, the cheese pizza bites, even the honey mustard pretzel sticks. Blend them up for a few seconds, and they make a great pre-flavored breading.

1 packet of these ground to a fine powder, or even chunkier powder if you prefer that, will easily coat a full chicken breast, chicken cubes, or add the meatball or healthy meatloaf recipe that you are adding to.

So, this isn’t a full “recipe,” but rather a meal-hack post for really any puff, snack, etc. that Medifast sells.

The key to using these as breadcrumbs is to have a good blender. Any little blender will work well – the puffs break down easily. (One for under $20 is more than fine – even one that you also make your smoothies in is completely fine.)

How you use these items is up to you – my go-to is the  “Meal Hack” – Medifast Spicy Parmesan Chicken Nuggets. You can easily change this recipe to match the flavor profile of the pizza bites, the honey mustard pretzel sticks, or anything else. After finding this recipe, however, I can’t bring myself to eat the snacks on their own – they have so much more potential!

If you’re not a fan of the snacks, then this might be for you! Incorporate it into your lean as breading! (Remember that you are adding a meal to your lean, so splitting up into separate servings throughout the day, or having your green at another time, is a great way to not go over the recommended amount of meals.)

Happy experimenting!


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