“I Think I Might Have a Waist…”

…is a great thought to have.

It has taken 4 weeks (to the day) and 20 pounds (to the half a pound), but I think that I *might* be seeing results! For some reason, whatever it may be, I was not seeing results as the scale was dropping. However, now that the scale has plateaued for literally a week, I’m physically seeing results.

Why can’t the scale drop as I see results?? I have no idea!

But apparently, just in time for a plateau, the stress of midterms, and the PMS-monster, my body is starting to cooperate. Which, despite the scale, is really exciting!

Sure, I’ve technically always had a waist. Everyone does, but mine has not been very defined and obvious recently. However, I actually think that it’s a bit more defined than the past month or so. Not by a whole lot, but I’m seeing a difference.

Maybe I’m looking for it, but that’s okay! It’s about time! This will help keep me motivated to be strict and stick with the plan while I wait for the scale to cooperate.

I saw a graphic a while back that says “It takes 4 weeks for you to notice, 8 weeks for those closest to you to notice, and 12 weeks for the world to notice. Keep going.” I thought it was pretty inaccurate and just another cheesy motivation image, but honestly it’s proven to be pretty true so far.

It has taken literally 4 weeks for me to see or even feel a difference. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. I do think that I have felt a difference before I have seen it. I find that I have less  cravings, even with PMS. I also find that I’m not as tempted to go for the junky options when they are available.

The best change that I have experienced is the change in energy. It makes sense in hindsight why I have more energy, but I wasn’t expecting it. Fat stores are more dense and, when burned, can lead to heightened energy. So, when you give your body fuel often but in small amounts, it really has no choice but to revert to burning the stores – which is why the system really works.

It’s just really encouraging to look in the mirror and have a positive though – really any positive thought. For every 1 positive thought, I wouldn’t doubt that I have at least 10 negative thoughts, if not more. Historically, most of the positive thoughts have been related to my hair, my makeup, or my outfit also – not my overall body image. So to have a genuine positive, unprompted positive thought about it all is really encouraging and meaningful.

Thoughts like that are the ones worth focusing on – whatever they may be. That’s really what will keep you motivated when it gets difficult. The scale can only provide so much motivation, the circumstances can only mean so much to you, what others think will fade away when you’re the only one around. Those positive thoughts, though, those are the ones that matter.

It doesn’t have to be about your waist – that’s just what I noticed. It can be about any body part. Your face looks a little slimmer, you feel like your boobs are more prominent, your hips look slimmer, your legs look more toned, anything. Take anything. If it comes to your mind, take it. You are your worst critic, plain and simple. So, if you are actually thinking something positively about yourself without searching for it – celebrate!

That feeling also doesn’t have to come just because you’re working on losing weight – that just happens to be my circumstance. Embrace those moments regardless of that. Embrace when you feel good about yourself, because you can never feel good about yourself often enough. Focus on those thoughts, and consciously choose to remember those thoughts when you feel bad about things.

Today I feel like I have more of a pronounced waist, and that’s amazing. Tomorrow I may not feel that way, and that’s okay too. My motivation will be to get this feeling again, or to keep this feeling.

Because progress, whatever that may mean for you, is most important when you feel like it’s worth it. When you feel a little better, a little more confident, a little bit proud, even for a moment, that’s so worth all of the effort.

Remember that positive feeling!

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